Biking Across Canada Day 11: Rest Day in Banff

Some music, a beer, and a good set of tools made the maintenance work easy

Today was quiet: an actual rest day for a change. I barely took any pictures.

I had stayed out late celebrating with my brother and his friends, so had a bit of a sleep in (as much as my body clock would allow for). Then I spent the morning relaxing on the couch, staring at spreadsheets and maps while I replanned my itinerary for the next two weeks. I’d planned on visiting friends in Lethbridge, but they have to travel unexpectedly so I’ll cut that leg of my trip and spent the time seeing more of the prairies (as I’d previously been to Lethbridge in 2015).

I’ve decided to go to Drumheller and cut over to Saskatoon. You can see my updated itinerary for more details.

Banff Ave

After my brother got up we went into town for late breakfast and some bike brake pads. Mine need replacing after all those mountain descents. Then a trip to Canmore for groceries, more searching for brake pads (couldn’t find them in Banff), and a trip to the thrift store so Tom and his roommate could buy a DVD player. Their other roommate just moved out, the Internet was in his name, so they are without Netflix for a little while.

The park office. A beautiful place to work, though probably a little drafty.

We spent the afternoon playing Mario Kart on a Super Nintendo, I fixed my brakes in Tom’s basement workshop, and we had barbeque for dinner. They made me a real feast to send me off.

Tomorrow: Calgary

Getting my gloves dirty

Today’s Distance: 0 km

Cumulative Distance: 1080 km

John Kyle @JohnKyle