Biking Across Canada Day 20—Saskatoon to Craik: Life on a Highway

Imagine this, but for 140 kilometres

I didn't want to ride it all day long, but I did. I had dreadful headwinds today, such that every kilometre was a struggle. I slept in a bit, said goodbye to Greg and Jodie, then hit the road. I didn't get a chance to stock up on supplies yesterday so I hit a grocery store on the way out, so it was almost 8:30 by the time I got on the highway proper.

My gracious hosts

The highway was a real highway today. Four to six lanes, divided, with high vehicle speeds and little scenery. A real change from the quiet backroads I'd taken from Drumheller to Saskatoon. The slow pace was made even slower because I kept needed to take breaks, more mental challenge than physical. Thank goodness for podcasts—they really got me through the day.

I think this farmer is playing “Alas Poor Yorick” with that cow skull.

Every small town I'd stop for a break, then challenge myself to make it to the next one. My target was Craik, with the hopes of pushing on to Aylesford. I barely made it to Craik by sunset, where I stayed at a nice regional park with hot showers and $20 tenting sites. It was one of my toughest days yet.

One of the bigger grain silos I saw today

Today's Distance: 144 km

Cumulative Distance: 2196 km

John Kyle @JohnKyle