Biking Across Canada Day 23—Regina to Broadview: Blame it on the Grain

This title doesn't make sense, but I couldn't resist the joke.

Most of the hosts I stay with feel obligated to get up early to see me off. Tony is the first person that I've gotten up early for. He likes to start work in the summer at 6am so he can take a mid-morning break to go swimming for an hour. Tony was up and cooking blueberry pancakes before I even woke up. We were out the door and riding bikes together before 6 am.

Tony in his garden

I was glad to get an extra-early start as the highway out of Regina had frequent on- and off-ramps to cross that would not have been fun in rush hour. After an hour-or-so of riding, traffic quieted down and for a four-lane divided highway was actually quite pleasant. With the wide shoulders and uninterrupted periods, I could have read a book while riding if I wanted.

Lots of small marshes by the highway

I made it to Indian Head mid-morning, and stopped at the Indian Head bakery for coffee and a cinnamon bun (it was good!). Indian Head had a display of old farming equipment, and a scenic grain elevator next to the modern one.

A train passed by in the distance, giving me an easy chance to count the cars: three engines pulling 110 cars. That's roughly two kilometres long!

Off in the distance I spotted a shape in the shoulder, too small to be a car. Another cyclist? It turned out to be a hiker. His name is Bradley, originally from Airdrie, AB, and he's been walking the roads for over a year after having a spiritual awakening. He's circled around western Canada, Montana, California, and Oregon, relying mainly on providence for food and shelter as he's trying to avoid using money. We chatted for a few minutes, then wished each other a safe journey.

Windmills and canola

I stopped in Broadview for the night. It started to rain during dinner, and since I was the only person at the campground I ate in the bathroom, which was surprisingly nice inside, warm and roomy with a comfy plastic muskoka chair to sit in. It was actually preferable to the picnic table outside.

Home for the night

I should hit Manitoba tomorrow (Wednesday).

Today's Distance: 153 km

Cumulative Distance: 2477 km

John Kyle @JohnKyle