Biking Across Canada Day 26—Portage La Prairie to Winnipeg: Easy Rider

I knew I had a "short" ride of 80km today, so I spent some more time sightseeing in Portage La Prairie.

I explored the park around Crescent Lake, where there was a RCAF plane, windmill, and frisbee golf course next to a waterpark and other sports facilities.

I’m all for frisbee golf, but maybe putting the target in the middle of a picnic area is a bad idea?
Mural outside the aquatic centre

Then after a quick trip to the grocery store I was off riding. A slight tailwind and mostly flat or downhill terrain made for a easy ride.

More nice houses in P la P

I'd been warned to choose my route carefully when arriving in Winnipeg, but figured the route recommended by a few sources would be fine. It was…not great. Lots of fast-moving cars, some tricky crossings of highway interchanges, and overall cyclist-hostile infrastructure. I was glad to finally get off the roads onto the Assiniboine trail systems.

I did not feel welcomed on this road.
Saw a deer as soon as I got on the river trail.

I spent the afternoon at Justin's house where I'll be staying for a few days. Tomorrow I'll do some errands and sightseeing around Winnipeg, and then I have a conference to attend. I won't be back on the bike until Thursday. I'm calling this my vacation from my vacation.

Today's Distance: 83 km

Cumulative Distance: 2906 km

John Kyle @JohnKyle