Biking Across Canada Day 29—Rest Day in Kenora: The Lake Life

I probably did more distance yesterday than I should have. The last few hours I was fighting nausea from the heat and exertion. I couldn’t get enough calories into my body to sustain the effort I was doing, and was close to bonking. But I knew I had a comfy bed to sleep in, and could have a real rest day (or two) if I wanted, so in the end I’m glad I made it to Kenora in one day instead of two. I just can’t do that every day of the trip.

The boathouse is bigger than my house!
My uncle’s hand-built boats. He also built his own airplane.

I made bacon and french toast for everyone in the house since that’s what they wanted. I don’t usually make either, but it turned out okay. After breakfast we took a boat into town so I could get my bike wheel looked at. I took it to the Hardwear Company, a bike and ski shop housed in the town’s former hardware store. They’ve kept the old library-style wooden ladders and charm. Like every bike shop in the summer, they had more work than they could handle, so all they could do was give it a quick true. I’ll have to do something about the wheel to fix the issue long-term, but I was greatful they could squeeze me in today.

View from the bow
When you forget Redditt is a nearby town, and not a social media site, signs can be confusing

After the bike shop I went to the grocery store to load up on supplies, as I’ll be going through some remote areas over the next week. The grocery store has a dock for all the boats to stop at, which I find endearing. They also had chocolate milk for a dollar per litre, which is probably the thing I miss most about living in Ontario. I took full advantage of that sale.

The rest of the day was helping my uncle with errands, and catching up on blogging and route planning. Two of my cousins still live in town so I was able to see them briefly in between their work and the Blue Bombers game. Later that night my cousin Shannon from BC arrived to begin an extended visit home. I had good timing arriving when I did.

I also made time to swim, going in twice in the afternoon. I spotted a bald eagle flying around while I sitting on the end of the dock. If I had more time I might have taken a boat out to pretend to do some fishing (I got my boat license the last time I was here), but today I was content to laze about. Tomorrow I’ll be back on the bike and missing this place.

I love all the labelled pictures on the walls of the cabin. Can you spot me at age 10 & 20?

Today’s Distance: 3km (to the bike shop and back)

Cumulative Distance: 3126 km

John Kyle @JohnKyle